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My Dog Friends

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Bailey is a working Cocker Spaniel from Wales living in England.  He was born at the end of 2005 so needs to wait a few months to get his passport and visit me on the continent.  His Mum Georgie is thrilled to have him.
My girlfriend Cayo is a puppy and lives in Spain.  She spends most of her time in the bar her English parents own.  She is always thrilled to see me and loves to play and bite my ears - I don't mind.  I often try to find her, but discover I am looking in the wrong bar.
Chica is Jack's younger sister, adopted from the same shelter as Jack near Marbella, Spain by her Dutch parents Simon & Mieke.  She is growing quickly.  She is a bit of a wild Spanish girl - part "Podenco" and has long legs.
Daisy is my oldest and best girlfriend.  She is a Golden Retriever from France and now lives on a lovely Super Van Craft boat cruising in Holland.  She visited me in Spain where we played in the sand - she prefers the shade.  I am hoping that our boats might rendez-vous in Belgium.

Here is my friend Emma (yes, same as my Mum's name).  She also lives on a barge in France.  In this photo we are on her barge in her parents bed!  She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and she has recently moved to France from St. Louis, Missouri.  She visited me in Spain last February and I showed her the local dog hangouts, although the weather could have been better.

2006 update - Emma became ill during her annual winter visit to the USA and died in February 2006. RIP.

Greta is also a Blue Gascony Basset.  She lives in the SF Bay Area and I hope to meet her at the end of 2009.  She found my website and wrote to me!
Hemp is a sheepdog owned by an Italian architect/chef and his understanding Irish wife who live on a 40' Bates Star Craft, Hycilla in England.   Hemp competed in a Sheep Dog trial last year - see my Dad's article about it.  I look forward to meeting Hemp this summer in Henley now that I have my passport.  I plan to watch him compete against the sheep again this year.
Huckeberry is a Prince of a Jack Russell.  His parents own a Bates Star Craft, Etoile de Paris, and he has been a well dressed mascot at Henley in past years.
He is getting on in dog years and spends more time at his parents horse farm rather than boating these days.  I hope to meet him this summer.  I am told he is an expert at catching Henley rabbits which is my breed's speciality.

Indy is a Spanish schoolmate and lives on a farm and is very cool - even if his mum thinks he is dim.  He has a white spot on his neck and his middle toenails are white while the outside ones are black.

2006 update - Indy caught a disease described as doggy AIDS carried by mosquitos and died in January 2006. RIP.  

Jack is my "Spanish boyfriend".  I have stayed overnight at his Dutch parents' villa near Marbella several times.  Jack has lots of energy - we go for long walks in the mountains and at the beach and run in circles around his house.  He absolutely loves to nibble my ears.
My friend Leo is a Dogo Argentino. His parents own a bar in Auxerre, France that serves my parents Belgian beer on draught. They serve me water first though! The Dogo Argentino is a fierce hunting dog that has been banned in England, but I am not afraid of him!
This is Lillie, my smallest girlfriend.  She is much better behaved in dog training class than I am.  She lives in Spain with her mother, Debbie, who treats her like a princess.
My Uncle Otis lives with my grandparents in California, and used to stay with my parents when they lived there too. 
I can't wait to meet him at Christmas.  I hear that he will lend me his Santa Suit!
He has been poorly lately so I do hope that he will be better and ready to play when I arrive.

I met Pete last November in Southern California.  Pete participated in the 2006 annual "Haute Dogs" Easter Parade in Long Beach! 

Trained hunting dogs now given up for a life of travel.

Poppy is in my Spanish dog class, her mum, Juliet writes:

Two years ago, myself and my partner Umesh found Poppy abandoned and frightened, covered in burrs, stinking like a polecat, with bleeding paws, standing in the middle of the road. Our eyes connected and that was it, we had to take her with us. She had no collar and when we had her checked over by the vet, she was not chipped either, so we gave her a home. We absolutely adore her!

She attended 2 dog shows last year and won 3 rosettes.....the one that her mummy treasures the most is the one she was awarded in the 'Prettiest Bitch' category. She loves going to class, or Brat Camp as we prefer to call it, as she is a little bit of a brat at times!


Dr. Watson used to live a sorry life tied up all day without proper food and attention.  Luckily he was rescued by Alastair Miller, the photographer who took the picture of me in the porthole you see on this website.

Alastair reports: He's on the mend now and eating better food than I do!!

Crimebusting Watson is a Bruno de Jura and lives in Normandy, France.

My Uncle Whiskas lived with my grandparents in California, but sadly died last year. 
I've been told that he was very handsome, independent and loving. 
He was a great playmate for my Uncle Otis, the daschund.
This is my cousin Zoe.  She lives in Boston, Massachusetts with my Aunt Esmé. 
Zoe is a pure, feisty Jack Russell, but we have yet to meet.  Check out her ears!  Aunt Esmé visited me in Spain and brought me great toys from America.